Testing driver’s cell phone when involved in automobile accident

Posted On: April 14th, 2016

Recently, new legislation was proposed that would make it legal for a police officer to test a person’s cell phone if they were driving a vehicle involved in an automobile accident.  Under this new law a police officer will be allowed use an electronic scanner to siphon certain information from a person’s phone.  The officer would not be able to view content or the origin of any communication, game conducted, image or electronic data viewed, but would be able to determine if the phone was being utilized at or before the time the accident occurred.  If the driver refuses to allow an officer to scan the phone following an accident, the motorists license “shall be immediately suspended and subsequently revoked.”  

This field testing is an attempt to deter motorists from using electronic devices while driving, as distracted driving remains the leading cause of accidents among young drivers.

Here is a full copy of the Bill, which is currently before the Transportation Committee.


What are your thoughts?

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