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If I Have Been Injured By a Truck, Bus or Limousine, Do I Need a Lawyer That Handles Truck, Bus, or Limousine Crash Cases? 


Upstate Personal Injury Attorneys Discuss Large-Vehicle Crashes.

Crashes involving large vehicles like trucks, buses, and limousines can be uniquely dangerous, can cause catastrophic injuries, and are often deadly. Not only is the risk of serious injury heightened by the size, weight, and reduced maneuverability of these vehicles, receiving proper compensation for injuries or the death of a loved one can be more complicated than with the more common two-car collision or accident.

Who will be Sued If I am Injured by a Truck, Bus, or a Limousine?

In addition to bringing a claim for the errors of the driver, it is important to examine the ownership of the vehicle in the crash. This is true in all motor vehicle cases, but is especially important in accidents involving trucks, buses, or limousines. Many buses, for example, are owned or operated by government entities such as school districts or transportation authorities which have shortened time frames within which to file a claim. In certain circumstances this time frame can be as little as 90 days, therefore it is important to speak with an attorney promptly.

It may also be important to examine maintenance and inspection requirements for larger vehicles, as well as the screening and training that the owner of the vehicle undertook before letting the driver operate the vehicle.

When multiple injuries or fatalities are involved, it’s especially important to consider all theories of liability against all possible parties who may have caused or contributed, even if it’s in a small way, to the resulting accident including the work of repair shops, or municipalities who improperly designed or negligently maintained a road.

Should I give a Statement to the Insurance Company Before I Talk to a Lawyer?

It’s always advisable to talk to a lawyer before you give a statement about what happened. However, there are some instances when speaking to an insurance company is the right thing to do.

  1. Should I Speak with my insurance company? Yes. You may receive a call from your insurance company to find out what happened. It is acceptable to talk with your insurance company, and in fact it is required that you cooperate with your insurance company in order for your insurance coverage to apply. However, if you have concerns about speaking with your insurance carrier before speaking to a lawyer, you can always state that it is not a convenient time to talk, and schedule the call for a later date. During that time, you should contact a lawyer who can advise you.
  2. Should I Speak with the other driver’s insurance company? It is never advisable to speak to the insurance company for the other driver. It is their goal to minimize their driver/owner/insureds responsibility. The insurance company for the driver of the other vehicle(s) involved will always look for any reason to find that you were responsible, even if in some small way. This same reasoning applies if you are discussing the damage to your vehicle and not just relating to the cause of the collision or accident and the injuries you sustained. If the other driver’s insurance company contacts you, you should politely and firmly tell them you are not interested in speaking with them.

Should I Take Photos of the Damage to My Vehicle and the Scene of the Crash?

If you are able, or if someone in your family or a friend can take photos of the vehicle and/or the scene of the crash, that is always helpful and recommended. Pictures are worth a thousand words when it comes to showing the extent of the harm and damage that was caused. Having photos of the scene, the vehicles involved, and your injuries is preferred.  Also, the closer in time between the photos and when the accident or crash happened the better.  Certainly the health of you or your loved ones is paramount, but taking photos close in time can ensure as little as possible has changed.

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