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The birth of a healthy baby should be one of the most joyous occasions in any parent’s life. However, the anticipation of welcoming a new loved one into the family can turn quickly to anguish if the child sustains an injury or suffers any kind of a medical setback while being delivered. There are well-established rules and procedures medical professionals are supposed to follow during childbirth; tragically, the failure to follow protocols and/or thoroughly monitor the newborn’s vital signs can result in an injury or medical condition that may last a lifetime.

If you have a child who has been harmed during birth due to medical malpractice, our personal injury attorneys can help. If a doctor, nurse, midwife, other health professional, or even a hospital itself has been negligent in any way during the delivery of your baby, you will need experienced legal counsel to navigate the complexities of taking on the medical establishment. Our experience, on staff nurse-attorney and comprehensive understanding of medical negligence claims can level the playing field in a lawsuit against a doctor or hospital. We will work with you to help recover the past and future medical costs resulting from the negligence, and secure fair compensation for the pain and suffering suffered by you and your child.

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