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If you’ve been charged with a crime or are under investigation, the criminal defense lawyers at LaMarche Safranko Law take whatever time is necessary to sit with you and your family, understand the specific facts of your case and the allegations against you. Whether you are charged with possession or sale of drugs, grand larceny, theft, assault, robbery, white collar crimes, domestic violence or DWI, our team approach allows us to work together to fully understand the facts and circumstances of every case and allows us to provide thorough and personalized attention to our clients.

The lawyers at LaMarche Safranko Law explore the underlying reasons a person may be charged with a crime because we know that often drugs, alcohol, gambling, anger and/or mental health can be relevant to a criminal case. We often guide our clients toward treatment avenues that not only address the underlying issues but also help resolve criminal cases successfully.

Our defense attorneys explain the criminal process, the burden of proof, the elements of the charges, and what the options are. We talk candidly about what the process will look like and how we can best represent you, whether by taking your case to trial or negotiating the best possible resolution.

The criminal defense attorneys at LaMarche Safranko Law explore all legal challenges that may exist in a case. Examples include: Was your home or vehicle searched? Was there a valid search and seizure of evidence? Did you give a statement? Did you understand your right to remain silent?  Was your statement voluntary? Was there probable cause to make an arrest? Is the prosecution timely? Were you properly identified?

Our lawyers are experienced in handling all aspects of a criminal case including handling hearings and conducting criminal trials in cases ranging from burglary, robbery, conspiracy and murder to criminal mischief, drugs, assaults, petit larceny, DWI and other traffic related matters. It is best to have your criminal lawyer involved from the beginning of a case or investigation.  In some instances, our lawyers are able to assist in avoiding the arrest and prosecution altogether.

When the case warrants it, our attorneys utilize mock juries and focus groups to explore important aspects of a case to properly prepare for trial.

When trial is not the best option, our lawyers work hard to find creative solutions to resolve your criminal case and lessen the potential consequences to you and your family.

Our experience as criminal defense attorneys throughout the Federal and State courts in New York will give you the confidence of knowing you have team that will work hard to obtain the best outcome for your case.

Since arrests don’t always happen during business hours, the criminal lawyers at LaMarche Safranko Law are available 24/7, 365 days per year to assist with a criminal matter by calling 518-982-0770 or 844-ACCUSED. We have offices in Latham, Albany, and Plattsburgh for your convenience.

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When faced with a painful and potentially life-altering legal situation, you want the best people on your team. Someone you can trust. An advocate that listens and becomes your voice. A dedicated, seasoned professional who genuinely cares and can provide guidance in a time of uncertainty.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense or you or someone close to you has been injured, contact LaMarche Safranko Law for a no-obligation consultation, or call 518-982-0770, 844-RECOVER or 844-ACCUSED. We have law offices in Latham, Albany, and Plattsburgh NY, and we are available to take your call 24 hours a day.

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    Bert MahoneyBert Mahoney
    00:53 23 Aug 22
    I would highly recommend George and his law firm if you need legal assistance. I have known George his whole life and you could not ask for a better Attorney. From his days on Waterford's NY State Champion soccer team to his college days. Law school and partnering at the E Stewart Jones law firm, to forming his own law firm George always gives it his all.I was in need of a personal injury Attorney several years ago, and George was very thorough, took his time and we ended up with a good result.If you need an Attorney contact Lamarche Safranko Law PLLCyou will not be disappointed.
    Robert KohlerRobert Kohler
    00:23 17 Aug 22
    The team at LaMarche Safranko Law Firm is absolutely amazing. Every person working there is professional, warm, helpful, patient, and made me feel comfortable. George in particular went above and beyond by not only being an amazing attorney, but also a very thoughtful counselor. I could not have had a better experience and I can’t thank this team enough.
    Colleen KohlerColleen Kohler
    18:41 11 Apr 22
    LaMarche Safranko is a first class law firm. I was very satisfied with the services they provided when dealing with my case. George LaMarche always responded to calls in a timely manner and was very thorough. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.
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