Two Teenage Boys Killed by Car in Sullivan County

A car-pedestrian crash took the lives of two Hudson Valley teenagers on the afternoon of Sunday, June 2, when a vehicle driven by a retired town justice struck them as they walked along Glen Wild Road in the Sullivan County town of Rock Hill.  The boys, 16-year-old Devin Zeininger and 14-year-old Justin Finkel, were first reported to […]

Hit-and-Run Crash Injures Bicyclist—Who Pays?

As of this posting, Queensbury Police and the Warren County Sheriff’s Office were still searching for clues on the vehicle that struck bicyclist Aron J. Steves shortly before 6 pm on December 18. Steves, 52, of Whitehall, was hit while biking on Corinth Road near Pinello Road. He suffered serious internal injuries requiring surgery, and […]

After the Tragedy, Assessing the Liability

The LaMarche Safranko Law family wishes to extend its deepest sympathies to all those affected by the devastating limousine crash of October 6, 2018. Here we offer some information on the legal issues that inevitably arise from a tragedy of this magnitude, as investigators try to determine what went wrong, and victims’ loved ones struggle […]

Move Over: It’s The Law

A local driver’s awareness of New York State’s “move over” law might not have helped state troopers Brent Karow and Shane Swartz all that much. Christopher Neumann was apparently under the influence of alcohol when he plowed into the troopers, as they assisted two tow-truck operators pulling a car out of the median of I-90 […]

Personal Injury Claims: Your Top 5 Questions Answered

When you or someone you love has suffered a personal injury, the experience can be traumatic. Whether the incident involved a car accident, slip and fall, or dog bite, there are many details to deal with including medical issues, insurance paperwork, lost time at work, and more. While each case is unique, below are key […]

Testing driver’s cell phone when involved in automobile accident

Recently, new legislation was proposed that would make it legal for a police officer to test a person’s cell phone if they were driving a vehicle involved in an automobile accident.  Under this new law a police officer will be allowed use an electronic scanner to siphon certain information from a person’s phone.  The officer […]

Pedestrian-Motor Vehicle Accidents

Recently, the Governor’s Highway Safety Association (GHSA) released a report for pedestrian-motor vehicle accident statistics for the year 2015.  Unfortunately, the GHSA estimates a 10% increase in the number of pedestrians killed in motor vehicle crashes in 2015 (compared to 2014 numbers). Specific to New York, in the first 6 months of 2015, 129 pedestrians […]

Car Crash Deaths are Declining

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the chances of dying in a car crash in a late model vehicle have fallen over a third in the last three years. According to the Institute, this is owed in huge part to new designs, safety technology, and on-board computers in vehicles. While the trend for consumers in […]

Driving in Capital District on Thanksgiving Eve

Last year, we wrote a blog noting that Thanksgiving Eve is the #1 drinking night of the year.  Inevitably, this makes Thanksgiving Eve one of the deadliest days of the year in terms of car accidents.   From last year to this year, this has not changed.  Thanksgiving Eve is still an extremely popular reunion night […]