Sealing Criminal Records

Sealing Criminal Records Attorney Lawyer Albany NY

New York Defense Attorneys Explain the Process of Record Sealing

A criminal record can follow you around for life, and can negatively affect everything from job and housing opportunities, to parental rights, to immigration status, to your ability to travel internationally. It can cause you to lose a professional license or prevent you from doing volunteer work or board service.

In September 2017, a law took effect in New York State allowing courts to seal certain convictions after ten years and giving deserving citizens a chance at a new life free of the barriers and stigma created by those convictions. The sealing law found in criminal procedure law section 160.59 will allow many New Yorkers to apply to have up to two eligible convictions (no more than one felony) sealed from public view after a ten-year waiting period running from the date of conviction or release from prison.

Although the application process for sealing criminal convictions in New York state is complicated we are here to help you. If you would like to seal your criminal record contact us today.

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