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Being accused of professional misconduct is a serious matter, with many legal and financial repercussions.

Professional misconduct, as outlined by New York state law, includes the following:

  • Engaging in acts of gross incompetence or gross negligence on a single occasion, or negligence or incompetence on more than one occasion
  • Permitting or aiding an unlicensed person to perform activities requiring a license
  • Refusing a client or patient service because of race, creed, color, or national origin
  • Practicing beyond the scope of the profession
  • Releasing confidential information without authorization
  • Being convicted of a crime
  • Failing to return or provide copies of records on request
  • Being sexually or physically abusive
  • Abandoning or neglecting a patient in need of immediate care
  • Performing unnecessary work or unauthorized services
  • Practicing under the influence of alcohol or other drugs

A range of penalties including reprimand, substantial fines, suspensions and/or probationary terms as well as license surrender may be imposed on licensees who have been convicted of misconduct.

The lawyers at LaMarche Safranko Law represent doctors, nurses, teachers and lawyers involved in disciplinary matters concerning their professional licenses. We have the experience and skill to successfully defend your rights against unjust accusations or claims.

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