Pedestrian / Bicycle / Runner Injury

Dedicated legal counsel for pedestrians, bicyclists and runners.

At LaMarche Safranko Law, we have a passion for outdoor activities and understand how important exercise is to a healthy lifestyle. We also understand the dangers on the road and the devastating impact an accident can have.

Pedestrians, bicyclists and runners are increasingly at risk from distracted drivers and other hazards on the roadway. Statistically, if you are hit by a vehicle while riding your bike, running or walking, you will be injured. Those injuries could be severe, requiring a long recovery period and significant medical bills. You will need an experienced ally to make sure your expenses are covered, your damages compensated, and your rights defended. LaMarche Safranko Law can help.

In fact, we established our PedBikeLaw initiative to do just that: advocate for road safety issues and defend those who have been injured due to motorist negligence.

Bikers, runners and walkers have as much right to use the roads as motor vehicles, and are protected by the rules of the road.  But when drivers don’t respect the vehicle and traffic laws, and fail to share the road, their victims often suffer severe and catastrophic injuries.

These injuries often include:

  • fractures
  • scarring
  • traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • spinal cord injuries – including paraplegia or quadriplegia
  • amputated limbs

At LaMarche Safranko Law we put our clients first.

After receiving a call from a victim who has been struck by a car the personal injury attorneys at LaMarche Safranko will immediately take important steps to protect your legal rights.

First, whether it’s at the hospital, at your home, or at our office we sit down with every client to learn exactly what happened. We like to meet with clients as soon after the crash as possible, when the facts are vividly on your mind, so we get a clear understanding about what happened.

As the result of our meeting we contact the investigating police agency, and often utilize our own investigators to obtain additional evidence important to your claim including video surveillance from cameras located near the crash scene, witness statements and photographs.

We contact the insurance company of the driver who caused this crash and protect you from adjusters whose goal it is to save their insurance company money by trying to settle quickly and for an unreasonable discount.

We obtain your medical records and follow your care and treatment to get a complete understanding of your medical condition.

We prepare your case to go to trial. Although many cases settle at some point during the legal process, preparing your case for trial inevitably results in the best possible outcome whether by jury verdict or settlement. With our knowledge and experience we understand how to obtain a Verdict or Settlement to compensate you for the harm and losses you have suffered.

Most importantly we spend time with you. We listen to you and answer your questions. We understand how you have been impacted by this life-altering event. By getting to know our clients we are ready to be the best advocates we can be for you.

That means from day one you can always reach us, 24/7, to answer your questions and guide you through this process.

With your case in our hands, you will worry less about the complicated legal process and focus more on what’s most important – healing and getting back to the outdoor activities you love.

If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident while biking, running or walking, contact us today for a free consultation at (518) 982-0770 or

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