Legal Fees for Court Cases & Law Suits

At LaMarche Safranko Law PLLC we strive to provide high-quality legal service to each of our clients and consider a number of factors in determining a legal fee including:

  • The time limitations imposed by the client or by the circumstances
  • The expected duration of the professional relationship
  • The nature of the case and the issues involved
  • The probability of declining other clients or work as a result of the acceptance of a certain matter
  • Our degree of expertise and past experience

Types of Fees

Contingent Fee

This is a fee charge where a matter is successfully completed and a recovery obtained on behalf of the client. Such an arrangement is most common when the client being represented has been injured in an automobile accident, a construction site accident, a slip and fall accident or as the result of medical negligence. The cost of litigation, such as court filing fees, subpoena fees, transcript costs, and expert witness costs are subtracted from the gross recovery and repaid to the law firm who may have advanced such costs during the course of litigation. After the expenses in pursuing the case are repaid to the law firm the remainder of the settlement is divided amongst the law firm and the client. The law firm will receive a fee based on the nature of the case which at no time will exceed 33 1/3%.

Fixed Fee

The fixed fee or flat fee arrangement occurs when LaMarche Safranko Law PLLC handles a matter for a sum certain or for a certain amount for a designated period of time such as per day, per week or per month. Fixed fees can be subject to an overall cap for each stage of a case, or can be for a fixed amount for a designated time period. The specific amount of any fixed fee can be tailored to the nature of any given matter. Client’s who desire budgeting certainty often find fixed fee arrangements attractive.

Time Charges Fee

This fee is based upon the time spent for our professional services. The total cost to the client is calculated based upon the hourly rate and the total number of hours devoted to the client’s matter.

Special Fee Arrangements

In an effort to accommodate clients, special fee arrangements will be considered.

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